Successful Leadership

The other night, at about 1:00am, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to spend all that wasted time actually learning something. In the pitch black darkness of my room, I folded half my body off my bed just to drag my laptop close enough to search with squinted eyes, “ways to become a better leader”. One link led to another and I found myself on reading an article about fifteen things the most successful leaders do automatically, everyday. As I glanced past each point, I couldn’t help but think how amazing the advice was and how interestingly the details of care, teamwork and self-discipline really bled out the seams of these suggestions. To me, I was shocked to see the good character even Forbes was promoting as a money/success/business site. I immediately began jotting down the information and condensing it in a way I could remember and share. Below, you can read my modified version of what FORBES.COM already posted. ] <<<ORIGINAL POST


Successful leaders…..

1.  Make Others Feel Safe to Speak-Up

Leaders should deflect attention away from themselves to give others the opportunity to voice their opinions and participate in a culture of giving in an approachable environment.

2.  Make Decisions

Leaders should be quick to “make things happen” to sustain the momentum of progress in their team.

3.  Communicate Expectations

Leaders should be great communicators and reminders of not only expectations, but changes, observations, and their overall mission statement. 

4.  Challenge People to Think

Leaders should take time to understand the type of people involved in their team and be able to keep them on their toes in ways that enable them to grow. If you’re not thinking, you’re not learning. And if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. 

5.  Be Accountable to Others

Leaders should be managed, in a sense, by those around them to help them stay proactive in providing for the people that depend on them. This shows that the leader is focused more on the success of their entire team rather than just their own

6.  Lead by Example

Leaders should be consistent in their practice of mindful actions and remember that people are watching and detecting the shortfalls in their performance. Each of the choices and moves they make are ones of great influence.

7.  Measure & Reward Performance

Leaders should not only review overall performance but be active in acknowledging hard work and efforts. (No matter the result)

8.  Provide Continuous Feedback

Leaders should make it known that they see and pay attention to everyone in the room. A trustworthy relationship is formed by creating reciprocal input. There is power in perspective.

9.  Properly Allocate and Deploy Talent

Leaders should activate the capabilities of their team and utilize their unique skill sets in creative ways that do the most good. 

10.  Ask Questions, Seek Counsel

Leaders should have it together on the outside but shouldn’t ever stop being hungry for new knowledge to further their own personal growth and ability to be in command. 

11.  Problem Solve; Avoid Procrastination

Leaders should tackles issues head-on and quickly discover the heart of the matter at hand. You can dissolve problems best by realizing and working on them quickly. 

12.  Positive Energy & Attitude

Leaders should be creating a culture of inspiration and set a tone that motivates people to do their best. 

13.  Be a Great Teacher

Leaders should take educating and assisting very seriously and make communication and mentorship a major area of investment.

14.  Invest in Relationships

Leaders should expand their goals beyond just protecting a domain into actually forming mutually beneficial relationships that lift leaders and advance both parties into their best selves. 

15.  Genuinely Enjoy Responsibilities

Leaders should love being leaders. They should be honored to have the ability to serve others and organize safe spaces for amazing people to thrive.

Praying for those of you who are leading armies and fighting good fights.

You rock.

You’re changing the world.

There’s nobody like you.


Your new friend,