About Me

My name is Brielle Rathbun.

In 1999, I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but hauled butt to St. Louis, Missouri and lived there for a short period of time before a big family leap to Johnson City, Tennessee during the whirlwind of my first 5 years of life.

At the age of 8, I began to seriously perform in musical theater, classical ballet, and song writing. Art, the people who create it, and the audiences that support it, have truly made me who I am today, in more ways than I can count.


You might recognize me as a contestant on ABC’s American Idol, from my dance classes, or perhaps just mutual friends.

I make videos, I write stories, I create art, I teach kids.

I travel, I eat, I organize events and assemble outfits.

I’m often found humming my favorite tunes and making friends with strangers….and I recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where I work as a choreographer and performer, and within the vegan community!

I think you are the bomb.com and I intend to remind you of that. 

Thanks for showing up today and for being you.

Your new friend,