The Most Annoying Things You Don’t Wanna Buy When Moving Out for the First Time

There I was. with a cold. staring into the confusion that is the pharmacy section at Publix. When you live at home with your family, you somehow just have everything. But, when you adventure out on your own, it becomes very clear, very fast that you are building your life from practically nothing and you are not prepared. (LOL) So, for me, on that particular day, it was trying to purchase the right cold meds, but since then, I’ve had to make a ridiculous amount of errands that I never expected to make and it costed me a whole lot of money that I didn’t plan to spend. So, if you have a friend, kid, or relative that is moving out for the first time, here are some things that might not feel like good gifts until THEY DO.

The Most Annoying Things They Don’t Wanna Buy When Moving Out for the First Time:

  • 1. A First-Aid Kit

I can’t emphasize this enough. In the past 6 months, I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I walked around with bleeding cuts because I just didn’t want to buy myself Band-Aids. I don’t know about your kid (..friend, neighbor, relative..etc), but if I cut myself shaving in the middle of a busy day and don’t have what I need, I will just duck tape the thing and keep going. That’s not good, I know, but it was my reality until I finally went and got all the right supplies. It cost me like $20 in the end, to stock up on bandages, and Neosporin type products and it would have been such a blessing if someone would have hooked me up before I really needed it.

  • 2. Medicine

Tampons already cost me enough…and then on top of it all, a headache, a sore throat, or a runny nose? Count me out. Unlike when I was living at my family’s house, I can’t just open my cabinets and have everything I need. Since I’ve moved out, heres a shortened version of some related items I somehow ended up being in need of: Aleve, Pamprin, Emergency-C, essential oils, cough drops, hot tea, Tums, allergy meds, peppermint chest rubs…and more. Whatever keeps you healthy (or GETS you healthy again)…consider sending your loved one off with some of it!

  • 3. Can Opener (and other kitchen tools)

I don’t know if this one makes me laugh or cry, but I actually didn’t buy my favorite Chick Peas for 3 months because I always forgot to get a can opener. For a mediocre one, it’ll cost you $10 or so, and that doesn’t quite seem worth it for a college student who’s just trying to eat their $0.99 can of beans. I finally got around to buying one for myself after so many other kitchen utensils I realized I didn’t have…but, I still don’t have a spatula. Oh well, my tiny spoons will have to suffice!

  • 4. Tupperware 

Wowza. To be honest, I still haven’t bought myself any…I just have collected a couple containers from times my friends have sent me home with leftovers. (please dont tell them. haha!) Tubberwear is such a perfect moving gift: useful, simple, and thoughtful …ESPECIALLY IF YOU PUT SOME HOMEMADE COOKIES IN THEM!

  • 5. Towels 

Do you want to know how many bath towels I have? One. You’re probably wondering what I do when I have guests over and I will tell you: I wash that one towel and hang it up for them to use. And then I wash it again and use it for the rest of my life, because I’m not about to buy $40 worth of extra towels. They would be nice though, and definitely something I plan to gather soon, but today is not that day…

  • 6. Seasoning (and other kitchen staples)

I literally put ONLY black pepper on every single meal I made for the first month of moving out because I either forgot or didn’t want to spend the money on anything else I would usually use. I highly suggest gifting someone some nice spices and seasonings, cause even if it’s not something they’re used to using, they can experiment in the kitchen without having to pay the cost–and that is just plain awesome. It’s always hard stocking up your kitchen in the beginning, so even just some basic sugar + flour are going to be something they’ll thank you for later. 🙂

  • 7. A Sewing Kit

When you lose a button, it’s not fun to realize you can’t steal your moms sewing box anymore and you have no way of fixing it without taking a trip to a fabric store to buy yourself a needle and thread. It truly comes in handy to have one, even if you barely sew!

  • 8. A Plunger

Last but not least, a plunger. You’d be hard pressed to find a young adult who planned ahead on this one. And better yet, make sure they know how to use one. Enough said!

The list could go on, of course. Having to spend money when its inconvenient is sort of the whole learning experience of adulthood, but if you’re giving a parting gift to a first-time mover-outer, the practical stuff really counts. and I know from experience, these would be good gifts.

I hope this ends up helping someone down the line!

Your new friend,